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The Davis Family | Nashville Family Photography

Sorry for the delay everyone! I got sidetracked with a little thing known as our soon-to-be first house. But never fear, we are back with much to share! First up is a family photo session we did back in the fall. This was the biggest family I had photographed to date, and it was a [...]

Lilly and Gabby | Nashville Pet Photography

I have a weak spot. Ok, I have several. But the weak spot I am writing about in this post is man’s best friend. I have puppy fever bad, and I mean really bad. My husband will attest to this. He says my voice changes almost to a whine when I see a dog on TV [...]

{Puppy} Love | Nashville Family and Pet Photography

Michelle and Phil have become some of our good friends. Phil and my husband, Jeff, met while studying abroad in Spain in college. They are so much fun together. Not only has it been great to get to know the man in so many of Jeff’s stories, but it has also been wonderful to get [...]